Mae Sta (Vocalist) and Mike Sta (Producer/Emcee) are LOVE SIX.
Both obsessed with music, adventure and sharing good vibes, they have grown and achieved so much since Mae Sta’s experience as a Singapore Idol finalist (with Mike Sta always by her side).
The hard working duo is 100% hands on throughout the entire creative process as they produce, write, record, mix and master all of their music. They have created their own authentic sound merging electronic, soul, hip hop and pop with Mike Sta's smooth flow and Mae Sta's distinctive vocals.
LOVE SIX also aligned themselves with Perth based DJ studio Lab Six, and with their immense knowledge of music, they have DJ’d for sold out festivals and events both locally and overseas.
With their increasing YouTube views (Over 1.2 Million), expanding fan base and ability to connect with their audience as both performers and DJs, LOVE SIX is on the come up.