Always destined to be...
Love Six unknowingly formed the moment songwriter and vocalist Mae Sta met producer and emcee Mike Sta in the city that they proudly represent.
Both obsessed with all things music, they have grown significantly since Mae Stas experience as a Singapore Idol finalist in 2009 (with Mike Sta always by her side). Early in their journey, they impressed Grammy Award Winning producer Gordon Commissioner Williams (who has worked with Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys) at an audition in New York and more recently, Mae Stas live performance on the big stage at the ZoukOut music festival in Singapore has added to their international following.
This hard working duo is 100% hands on throughout the entire creative process and they produce, write, record, mix and master all their music. They have created their own authentic Electronic Soul Hip Pop sound with emcee Mike Stas flow and Mae Stas unfaltering vocals.
After the release of their first mixtape - "The Sixtape" and music video "With Me", the duo put their immense knowledge of music to good use and aligned themselves with Perth based DJ studio Lab Six where they added the art of DJ'ing to their repertoire.
Currently travelling the world (first stop Los Angeles), the SKY IS THE LIMIT for this duo ___